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Path to the user store issue - doesn´t create user profile

Luis Angel



We have Citrix XenApp 7.17 with UPM installed on Windows Server 2016

I´ve been stocking with an issue with the creation of the user profile in the path to the user store.  I have tried the following:


1- I configured the user store to the users home directory (\\server\home\#SAMAccountname#)

  • The UPM user template path is pointing to a share file and its working fine. The UPM creates the local profile in the VDI worker from the template profile so far so good..
  • Then as I understand the new local profile should be copied to the user store (in the users home directory) but nothing is copied to the user store


2- I changed the user store path to a share folder following Carl Stalhood instructions and pointed it to (\\server\Share\CtxProfiles\#SAMAccountName#\!CTX_PROFILEVER!)

  • The same here the creation of the local user profile from the user profile template works fine. But the creation of the user profile in the user store path is not happening. nothing is created in the user store path.


I have tried this configuration in both Studio and then via GPO but nothing works. Attached is the pm.log file from the last attempt with the path to the user store pointing to the home folder.


Any help will be very appreciated. thanks!


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Carl you saved my day!

unconfiguring the mandatory setting did the magic. I have missunderstand that setting all the time. Now everthing work fine and the user profile is created in the user store.


Thank you very much for your help!


Best Regards

Luis Angel, Malmo University

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