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Citrix Gateway VPN access with proxy server enabled

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Hi All,


One of our clients has moved to using Citrix Gateway VPN.  We had to download the plugin on our staff computers.


We use a configuration file (PAC file) in internet options to go through a proxy for our web filter.  If this is enabled the user is just brought back to the login screen.  The VPN does not launch or connect to the client.  If I disable this PAC file in internet options the VPN launches and connects to the client side.


Has anyone ran into this?  Is there anyway to correct this on our user's computer?  We cannot disable the PAC file because it is part of our security.  


Any insight would be helpful.  



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If you need the proxy information to be provided to the gateway plugin, there are some entries in the session policy that affect the client proxy information used by the gateway plugin.

Its under Client Experience > Advanced Settings and then the third tab which is labelled Proxy or Proxy Settings, I think.


Within this tab you can tell the gateway plugin to use local client proxy settings or other info.


You also might need to review your split tunnel settings if they are enabled or not.

IF the client can't connect to the vpn vserver with the proxy specified, then you may need to update the proxy to allow connections to the gateway fqdn.





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Thanks, Rhonda.  It sounds like all of this is on the NetScaler Gateway itself?  I do not have access to this since we are just using the Gateway plugin to connect to their side.  I did not configure anything for this.  Anything I can look at on the local workstation machine that just uses the plugin to connect to the other side?

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