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SDX 12.1 51.15 Delete SSL Certificate - Fail to get Device Details

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Good Afternoon


Currently struggling with a stange issue.  I am deploying 2 SDX appliances and yesterday had to remove a couple of VPX instances due a change in network requirements.  I deleted them from the appliance and recreated without issue but the problem we now have is within the SDX Console, under the ADC SSL Certificates, the certificates from the old instance which no longer exists are listed.  If I try to delete from either GUI or command line I get the error "Fail to get Device Details" which I would expect as it no longer exists.

I have logged on to both the SVM and Xen Console to search for the certificate names but it does not find anything.  I have not yet rebooted the SDX which is my next course of action but hoping someone might know a fix without needed to resort to this.


Kind Regards



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