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Restart Machine catalog VMs rollbacks all changes

Tomas Ferianc


Not sure how this is supposed to behave but:

if I restart my Machine catalog VMs, I loose all changes since creation of this VM through Citrix Studio.

By changes, I mean Windows updates, user files, settings, etc.
Is there any setting available how to force this to behave normally? 

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7 minutes ago, Kasper Johansen1709159522 said:



If you by normal mean persistent machine, then yes. You can create a persistent Session Host server by installing VDA in stand-alone mode and not use either MCS or PVS. You can also in MCS create private VDIs which also persists changes between reboots.

Thank you, this makes sense. Just a question: Is it possible to reinstall existing VDA on my Citrix template VM to this stand-alone mode?

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It’s controlled at time of catalog creation not at the vda level - you need to choose a dedicated or pooled catalog type (persist or discard changes)


if if you choose to persist then you are effectively cloning the template vm, if you choose to discard then you will always lose all changes at reboot 

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