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Your experiences and settings? XenDesktop-NVIDIA Tesla-VMWare 6.5-AutoCAD LT 2020

Baumgartner AG


Good Morning dear Citrix community


I know this topic has been discussed many times. But I just wanted to open this question to see other peoples experiences and exchange some settings and tipps. 


The reason why I want to do this is just simple. We have finished our Tests with users in the test enviroment. They have tested for about 3 months now. In this time we did many optimizations to hardware, software and also policies. 


Test enviroment:


- HPE DL380 Gen10 (3.2GHz CPU)

- 3x NVIDIA Tesla P4 

- VMware 6.5 Enterprise Plus

- Citrix XenDesktop 7.15 CU3

- Provisioning Services 7.15 CU3

- GPU Profile P4-2b

- Windows 10 1803


With P4-2b we can get 12 Users on the Server in total. We also tested P4-2q, but didn't notice any major performance improvement, so we decided to stay with P4-2b, since licenses are much cheaper.


Citrix Policies are set as follows (Enviroment is in german, so if somebody needs translation, please ask)





As a result of this combination of hardware, software and policy settings, we have created powerful and performant virtual workstations. Citrix as well as AutoCAD is optimized to our most possible maximum. Tough, Users are still unhappy with latency of AutoCAD crosshair movement. Maybe some of you have some more experience or advices which I have not thought of. Performance is way better with Image quality set to "high" or "middle", but fonts are blurry and there is some color mismatching with those settings applied, so we had to stay with "lossless".


I definitly will give Virtual Desktops 1903 a try. Should be updated in the next few weeks. 


I'm hoping to hear some opinions and experiences of other users in this forum. :)


Have a nice day, regards, Cedy





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