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Storefront login

John Litster

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I have 2 storefront servers.

I have noticed that the login changes sometimes.

Sometimes it has 2 boxes, a username box that says it wants domain\user   and a box for the password


it has 3 boxes:  one box for the username, one box for the password, and the third box that says domain (it's pre populated with our domain name)


I preffer the second display, but I have no idea why it swithces back and forth between the 2 layouts.

Any ideas?

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Even though I have both storefronts set to replicate and be load balanced, and that it said settings had replicated.....it appears that it doesn't.

On each storefront, under "manage authetication methods"   one was set to prepopulate the domain and allow for sign-on for trusted domain, and the other wasn't.


After manually changing teh second SF, it appears that it is now behaving.

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