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NetScaler Azure HA

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Weird question. I ran into a NetScaler HA setup in Azure today.  Both devices have a single NIC and single IP ( and respectively).  The NetScaler has no VIPs, only the NSIP which is used for Management and deploying VIPs.


What is interesting is the HA Sync is working without INC mode.  When ever you create a VS on NS1 for IP it gets created on NS2 with an IP of  Does anyone know how this is possible?  Is it just because the NSIP is being used? I cannot seem to locate any Citrix documentation that mentions this method either.  

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4 minutes ago, Valeri Bonchev said:


What are seeing seems expected for Single IP deployment. The Appliances are in the same network and there no need for INC. 


Have look through the Azure deployements:






I saw that but it doesn't explicitly call out the lack of VIPs on the NetScaler or the sync of the IPs using the Management IP. Is there some documentation that does?

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