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Netscaler ADC GSLB MEP delay

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We have a worldwide GSLB configuration. Sometimes it happens that MEP reports, that a remote GSLB site is DOWN and so it also takes the GSLB services of this site DOWN. After a few seconds it goes UP again.

How sensitive is MEP? How does the monitoring of the GSLB sites work and how long does it take until MEP reports a remote site as DOWN?


I found this setting in the GSLB parameters: "GSLB Service State Delay Time (sec)". 


Based on the description this delay can be configured to wait until ADC takes the remote GSLB services down, after a GSLB site goes down.

Is this the correct setting to ignore short network outages?


br, Patrick

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Yes, that is correct. This setting was introduced to prevent disruption of service when the remote service isn't actually down but MEP had a 'blip'.



Alternatively, you can bind a monitor to a remote service and then change the 'Trigger Monitor' value on the GSLB Site from 'Always' to 'MEPDOWN_SVCDOWN'.


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