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BUG Report - Citrix Receiver shared memory allocation

Markus Kienast


I read, you need a support contract to report a bug.
Sounds smart.

So you deprive yourself of FREE LABOR by rejecting peoples efforts to debug your software and rather keep on annoying even your paying customers with buggy software.

I call this a genuine attempt to shoot oneself in the foot. Great job.
I am sure your paying customers appreciate, that they will have to report each and every bug themselves, instead of getting supported by a community of volunteers.

Anyhow, here is the bug report.

Citrix Receiver icaclient_13.10.0.20_amd64.deb

but still present in icaclient_19.3.0.5_amd64.deb.


The problem arises on multi user systems, when users consecutively run and and then close the receiver.

The Citrix Receiver attempts to reserve shared memory but fails, because another user has already reserved shared memory with the exact same key before and the memory has not been fully removed/freed on exit!
shmget(0x1, 20, IPC_CREAT|0600)         = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)


As key "0x1" already belongs to another user and permissions 0600 forbid to access the other users shared memory space, so your software fails right at the start!

Here is the prove that this segment has already been reserved by user "hanedera":
leithnerb@xserver:~$ ipcs -m

------ Gemeinsamer Speicher: Segmente --------
Schlüssel shmid      Besitzer   Rechte     Bytes      nattch     Status
0x007f0001 2555904    root       600        20         0
0x0000600b 9633793    elias      600        20         0
0x00000001 12845058   hanedera   600        20         1


leithnerb@xserver:~$ ipcs -m -i 12845058

Gemeinsamer Speicher Segment shmid=12845058
uid=1503    gid=2116    cuid=1503    cgid=2116
mode=0600    access_perms=0600
Bytes=20    lpid=5117    cpid=55623    nattch=0
att_time = Mon May 20 00:54:38 2019  
det_time = Mon May 20 01:04:22 2019  
Änderungszeit = Sun May 19 23:14:30 2019

After issuing
ipcrm shm 12845058
the Citrix receiver starts up fine.

I'd recommend you fix this no matter what.
It is super annoying and not quite easy to track down.



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