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unable to mount specified directory ...

noora n



iam using xen server 6.5 for msc research

my problem that when i make a new sr a notification apear and till me unable to mount the directory specified in device configuration request 

i tried alot of commands but didnt work 

any one can help 



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1 hour ago, Alan Lantz said:

Can you mount the NFS mount with other clients? Can you ping the NFS server from the XenServer ?

Does showmount -e <host ip> return you the NFS mount from the XenServer cli ?




sorry, I am very new on Linux and XenServer I don't know how to do what you said!

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14 minutes ago, Alan Lantz said:

Maybe I failed to understand the original question. I understood you had setup a NFS server and you were 

trying to create a new SR with XenServer and it was failing to mount your NFS server. Is that not the case ?




no, I didn't setup the NFS server, I didn't know how to set it up, can you help me to set it up ?? 
 Iam trying to use CIFS share but this notification appears for me 


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When creating a new SR connection those are to remote storage devices. You need to have a CIFS, NFS, or iSCSI server 

on your network with which you are connecting to to create shared storage. You local storage should have been created

at install time with you local disks.




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