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VHD access error - "Access Denied - you do not have permission" error when opening O365 Outlook in Citrix Xenapp 7

John Westwood


We have a Citrix 7 environment and currently migrating users mail from 2010 Exchange to O365 . Once migrated the user logs on to Citrix and a vhd is created via Ivanti configuration for the outlook cache which resides on a deidicated caching server (both session host and caching server are Windows 2016). The vhd is created successfully on login but the user gets an "Access Denied - you do not have permission" error when opening Outlook. The only way to fix is to log on to the Citrix session host server the user has logged on to as an admin, and grant the user full permission to the VHD from disk management, and it then works. 


The path configured in Ivanti to create the vhd is:   \\server\share\%username%\vhdroot\%username%.vhd

The %username% username folder was created with the user having Full control set to "This Folder Only"

The "vhdroot" folder was created with the user having Full Control set to "This folder, subfolders and files"

The %username%.vhd file is created with the user having Full Control.


User gets error message as per image1, however I can  log the user on to a PC and navigate successfully to \\server\share\%username%\vhdroot\username.vhd


On the session host where the user is connected the vhd shows in disk manager with the permissions as per image2.  CREATOR OWNER has full permission but the Owner is down as SYSTEM - should this not be the user? 

Anyone else had this issue? Trying to migrate several hundred users and really don't want to have to wait for each one of them to log in before I can add their user permissions to the vhd on the session host.




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