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XenServer & XenCenter become totally instable when shutting down a VM which provides an SR


I added an SR in XenCenter which was a NFS ISO to a VM on the host using IP:/share.

When I ran shutdown for the VM which was hosting this NFS ISO so the whole XenServer & XenCenter became totally unstable.

I couldn't do anything, no shutdown, no renaming of disk properties!, not starting a VM, really nothing.

The system was more or less dead but the VM'S were running - just the VM administration tasks have been rejected. I was sweating blood and tears...


Indeed I had to reboot the XenServer and even this hang. So I rebooted the physical machine with the iRMC. After the reboot all SR's were disconnected and I had to repair them.

The one NFS ISO SR I destroyed and now the XenServer runs as usual, after I started all VM's - even the one which caused the problem. Oh, all disks have been removed from the VM so I had to attach them.

This is really not normal my friends!


@Citrix: Can you check it out?

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6 minutes ago, Alan Lantz said:

Yea, you don't wanna do that. The NFS mount needs to mount to something external to XenServer. 

You might be away with doing CIFS instead of NFS if you want to mount a share from a guest VM.






Alan, please no offence, but honestly, there are programmatic ways to check if the source of the SR is not responding and then XenCenter can show a message were the administrator decides what to do [destroy, ignore, ...].

Even, a default procedure can be implemented for this situation how XenServer has to behave.


So, the fact is, XenCenter displays the IP address of each VM - this means, the logic could be implemented that way that when a VM with a IP which is used for a SR shuts down the SR gets destroyed automatically.


NASA was flying 50 years ago to the moon with very primitive software and Citrix cannot assure the system runs stable under this circumstances?


I used it because the NFS ISO contains ISO files which are needed when I install a new VM. 


But, Alan, of course, thank you very much for confirming the issue and giving me options how to do it so it doesn't happen again!

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I have run storage off of VMs directly, bypassing the SR mechanism altogether, both with iSCSI and NFS and hence something like an external ISO NFS mount should not be an issue; perhaps the network should be on an isolated one that isn't used for anything else by the XenServer hosts (such as for the primary management interface, storage or VM traffic).

Anyhting in the logs that might be helpful, including on the VM, itself?



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Yea, XenServer can be a little picky at times, but overall its a pretty good Hypervisor. Lots of improvements since 

we starting using it in version 4. But I won't lie, we have another year or two at most with XenServer then will

be switching to Hyper-V or probably VMWare.




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