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Citrix Receiver Single Sign-On and password synchronization after password changes

Tom Swift


We've gone about setting up the GPO in Active Directory so that single sign-on is enabled for Citrix Receiver (1903 currently) but there are two issues:


1.  Initially the user needs to enter their username and password and check the box to remember the password (thought it would be seamless and never require a username / password)

2.  If the users password is changed for Active Directory as part of an expired password which periodically needs to be changed, then the user needs to re-enter it like they did the first time because it doesn't automatically synchronize like we'd expect it would


Anyone have a fix for this?




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1. User shouldn't enter credentials, that's why sson is configured which is now not running.

- Right-click Receiver, open Preferences and run Configuration Checker to understand a certain pending setting which is probably the case.

- Verify sson.exe is running with a handler (as seen in task manager)

- Before opening Receiver, open the same URL in IE and see if SSON is working.


2. If the above works correctly, this will also work as expected.


Best Wishes :)

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