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Brian Korrow


I am in the process of evaluating ChromeOS with Citrix Workspace App for Chrome to replace Windows based laptops for my end users.  In speaking with my account management and sales engineers from Citrix, I was told that an enterprise enrolled chromebook with a force installed Citrix Workspace app will change the chrome client name to the Google Directory API ID, prefaced by CR-. I see that config in configuration.js on my 3.12 storefront.  The issue here is that the client name does not set.  Instead, the client is HTML-####-#### .  I have a use case where a persistent client name is required for one of my applications, so I need to get this working.  I have the Allow API access checked in Google Admin because I provision users through Azure AD, and SSO is through Azure AD.  Storefront is configured to SAML (Azure AD).   Storefront web.config is stock as well as configuration.js for HTML5.  Anything else i need to set through storefront or google policy?  

Thanks all!  

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