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Split traffic based on URL

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Hello everybody,


I have one Citrix ADC and I'm new on this device, until now all external traffic for Citrix Environment goes through ADC (Unified Gateway) to our server farm.

I'm expanding existent Citrix infrastructure with a new farm and I'd like to reach this farm creating a new unified gateway and a new third level domain. Try to explain better.:



thirdlevel.domain.com  -------|                                                 | --> Unified Gateway1 ---> Farm 1

                                                      | -- >  Firewall --- > ADC --- |

newthirdlevel.domain.com ---|                                                |--> Unified Gateway2 --- Farm 2



Is possible to say to ADC to split traffic direct to farm basing on URL he receives? If calling URL contains  thirdlevel.domain.com use Farm 1, instead if is newthird.liveldomain.com use Farm 2


Thanks in advance,




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Since you can't have multiple vpn vservers behind a single content switch vserver, separating which farm you get to based on which gateway you hit, should be fine.


thirdlevel.domain.com (maps to vpn vip of gateway1 (whether gateway or unified gateway)).  A session policy on this vpn vserver, integrates traffic with a storefront Store1 which points to Farm1 resources.


newthirdlevel.domain.com maps to vpn vip of gateway2. Its session policy on this vpn vserver, integrates traffic to storefront Store2 with Farm2 resources.


There are other ways to do this, but if the sole determining factor is which FQDN aka GAteway you hit, then binding different session policies is the easiest way to do this.

If this isn't working with your scenario, provide more details and we will adjust the recommendation.



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