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Windows 10 BSOD Xendesktop Applayering




our enviroment is Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 10 LTSB. 

We are using Xendesktop 7.15.400 and Applayering

When we are testing the OS Layer everything is ok. 

When we are testing the Platform Layer, where the XD Agent is installed we found the first Problem. After installing the Agent  and make a shutdown the machine goes back to the Logon Screen. After a few Minutes (1-10 Minutes) the Machine goes off. This Problem comes randomly. But only when the agent is installed and then it comes often.

So you can logon again and try to make a shutdown from cmd (shutdown -s -t 00) so there you become a message "is shutting down". But after Minutes the Machine goes off..

So we are unistalled the Agent and the Problem is away.

In the Platformlayer it is not a big Problem but when we are deploying the machine in XenDesktop pooled machine the machine goes not off when user logged off from it.

When we look in vmware vsphere we can see the machine tryes to goes off but hangs shutdown screen. After some minutes the machine gets an bluescreen and restarts automaticly. 

The bsod is "driver power state failure" 

We made an ticket at citrix. But at the moment we only try to isolate the error.

Has anyone similar problem. Is it Windows 10 LTSB the Problem?


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I don't know what you mean by testing "Platform Layer". Are you in the middle of preparing the platform layer before finalizing it?


Below URL is my issue that I've given up to solve.

We are also on Windows 10 LTSB 1607 and Virtual Desktop LTSB 7.15.4000. Maybe a common factor?


Windows 10 VDI Elastic Layer VHD Not Detaching On User Logoff


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