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XenServer Console Blank On VM's

Jake Carter


We are running Xenserver 7.6. Within the past week we have had 3 vm's that all exhibit the same behavior.

The console is blank and the machine does not respond to ping. The machines also show 100% CPU utilization under the performance tab.

Forcing a reboot they come up in the same state. I have also tried restarting the management stack and creating a new VM and attaching the disk of one of the problem VM's.

All with no luck. 


Other VM's on the same host all working normally.

All the VM's were created via MCS from a master image, including the machines that are not working now . No updates have been made to Xenserver.

What makes this difficult is that  I have no way to access the VM (can't access console or remote manage) to see what may have changed within the guest OS. 


Any ideas what could have caused this?


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I am beginning to think you are right. We are running Xentools 7.1.1327 . I did see from SCCM that the Xentools were updated to 7.1.1327 on 5/4/2019 and the last time the machine checked into SCCM was on 5/9/2019.


My guess is the Xentools installed but on the first reboot after the install something got corrupted. I did upgrade to this Xentools version on another machine in the same delivery group but did not see the same issue.

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