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Remove "Welcome Domain\Username!" from Storefront after login

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I am trying to update the storefront, after login, to remove the "Welcome DOMAIN\users name!" text.


When they log into the Citrix web receiver / Storefront the element <div class="toolbar-home-header"> is displaying what I would like to remove. I was wondering how I could remove this? When I try to do it I get an access denied on the receiver.html. I stopped IIS but that didn't help. I figure it is a Citrix service and wanted to confirm that if I stop all of the Citrix services and make the change I wont break anything by making this simple change. Any thoughts?

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The request was to remove it originally. I was able to do that by going to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreFront\receiver.html and commenting out the line as stated above. After I have done that they requested to keep it but wanted it to change.


Does anyone know how to change it from Domain\Username to FirstName LastName?


I found a few places that look like the Welcome message comes from but every attempt to update them, iisreset, and check they stay the same. Even going so far as to remove it to just be "Welcome!" has proven to fruitless. Any point in the right direction would be helpful.

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We have the same requirement.


Once logged onto to SF portal, the user sees domain\username


change the username format from Domain\Username to FirstName LastName?


Our setup

SF 3.12 accessed via NetScaler Gateway. Authentication at the NSG.

User accounts and SF Servers are in completely separate domains (Trusted both ways).

Users access the environment via Receiver for Web Site


Would appreciate any guidance.


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If you like to completely remove it within the "Home"-Tab you could add this to "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreWeb\custom\style.css":


.large .myhome-view .toolbar.tablet-only {
    height: 0px;
    display: block;




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Hi Imran Syed\David Tesdall,

To change the username format from Domain\Username to FirstName LastName there is no storefront settings which can enable this, However for that user, if you go to Domain controller >> Active Directory users and Computers >> select the user >> right click properties >> General >> give the display name as "FirstName LastName of the user" and then test the behavior.

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