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How to track a user connection session on a delivery controller/storefront?

Vincenzo Mattia


Hi all, 

I'm trying to troubleshoot some networking issue and I would know if there is a way to track a user session. Is it possible to know , maybe from the delivery controller, to which VDA was delivered,  if the connection was successful or it was dropped for some kind of network error ? We have like 4 delivery controllers and more than 80+vda and there are some users who can't reach applications published on different vda...


Thanks in advance



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Hello Frank, thanks for you info! I'm going to explore that activity monitor.


Anyway, what about if a user cannot access a particular application on a particular server? Where can I see in which delivery controller/storefront/vda that user passed and encountered an error (like a blocked port or a certificate error for example)?

There is no debugging/tracking log at delivery controller level? 

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