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Control Shortcut-placement from (StoreFront-)Server Side (web.config?)

Wolfgang Germ

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we provide applications through two StoreFront (3.12 from 7.15 CU3) stores.

One Store is for Internal-use and one is for External-use (NetScaler).


Internally I control shortcut-placement through Receiver-ADMX.

External clients are not domain members and I want to know, how I could control receiver-settings on those clients?


Escpecially I wan't to disable any shortcut-placement. (desktop, start menu)

I did find the following articles:





The articles are talking about changing the web.config file in:




by adding:

  <property name="PutShortcutsInStartMenu" value="False" />
  <property name="PutShortcutsOnDesktop" value="False" />


I don't understand, why I should use the "Roaming"-Folder"?

I would expect to change the config in the affected store like: "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\External"
The change should not affect my other store!


How should I proceed?


Thank you!


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