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4 StoreFront 3.12 Servers

Stewart Worsley

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Hi Stewart


For me to be able to really answer that question I would need to understand what you are trying to achieve in terms of high availablility?  This article will not be enough to answer that question I don't think.  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/storefront/current-release/plan/high-availability-and-multi-site-configuration.html.

Why do the 2 HA pairs need to be a single server group?  It sounds to me like you need 2 load balanced pairs and hence 2 server groups.  Why must they be a single server group? To replicate their config and subscription data?  There are other ways to achieve that if you do need to have 2 load balanced pairs but they would have to have 2 separate FQDNs.  1 for each load balancer and server group.

Pointing both groups to the same back end resources such as an XA6.5 Site and 1 XAXD 7.15 Site shouldn't be a problem.  U mentioned Stores?  Did you actually mean sites?  Sorry to split hairs on terminology but how many Stores you have in StoreFront is another separate question.  

You could have
A single Store on both StoreFront server groups enumerating resources from both the XA6.5 Site and 1 XAXD 7.15 Site
You could have a StoreFront store for each one of your delivery controllers. 

Depends on what you want to achieve.


Regards Mark 

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