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Webportal published as app on StoreFront not downloading exe file, but works if launched on published desktop

Russell Ealing

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We have a system that is accessed via a webportal that then downloads an executable in C:\Users\UserID\AppData\Local\$ which when downloaded then brings up the login prompt for the system. If the published app is run via StoreFront in either Receiver or HTML5 client, the download of the executable does not start. However if the same published app is run from a published desktop and not via StoreFront it launches and downloads the executable to run the login prompt. I am unable to work out why. 

I've tried launching in seamless and non seamless mode, launching in same windows and separate window to StoreFront, in receiver and HTML5 client. I'm happy to provide logs if someone with more experience can tell  me which logs to provide, I do not have much experience with Citrix XenApp\XenDesktop\StoreFront so scratching my head and exhausted internet searching, so need some help from the experienced community on this one.

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