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StoreFront 2012R2/3.7 to 2019/19xx Migration

Stan Svetec

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I currently have 4x 2012R2/3.7 StoreFront servers GSLB'd by my NetScalers MPX 5500's on build 11.5.  I have built some new 5901's on 12.x to replace the outdated 5500's.  However, I just noticed that the minimum StoreFront version supported by 12.x is 3.8.  This obviously explains why StoreFront seems to be misbehaving, since when I point the 5901's to my DEV 2019/19xx StoreFront build, I get the results I want.




Since I need to up the build of StoreFront to a minimum on 3.8, I thought this would be a good opportunity to re-purpose the 4 3.7 servers, to new 19xx StoreFront servers.


What would be the ideal way to achieve this?


I was thinking about removing 2 of the 4 servers from the StoreFront group and load balancing.  Rebuild as needed and configure StoreFront as required with essentially the same configuration as the old 3.7 servers.  Once ready, I'd simply remove the 3.7 servers from GSLB and replace them with the 19xx servers which should require and result in zero downtime.


Does that sound like a reasonable plan?


Keen for some opinions.

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