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Accessing/activating VMs on introduced SR on Hypervisor


I had XenServer 7.6 running and a couple of VMs configured on a local SR.  I had to reinstall the server OS and upgraded to Hypervisor in the process.  Once the server was online, I managed to introduce the SR and can see the VM images there.  What I don't see an obvious way to do is to turn those back into actual VMs.  I'm sure it's a fairly simple process; I just don't know how to go about it, either at the command line or from within XenCenter 8.  Any guidance will be appreciated.

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My description wasn't quite as detailed as I had intended.  These aren't showing as VMs in XenCenter or I would certainly have tried that.


I'm looking at the Storage tab for the SR that I introduced.  I see a couple of files that match the names and sizes of the VMs that were in place under XenServer before I had to install Hypervisor, along with a couple of suspend images.

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