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Virtual Apps and Desktop 7.15 CU4 - can't connect webcam

Alessandro Miotto Marques1709152314


Hello all,

We are running in PROD with VirtualApps and Desktop 7.15 CU4 - LTSR.

Need to allow users to connect in his integrated webcam. What should Citrix policies to be used to allow this redirection to session?

I'm trying in HML environment (VDA 7.15CU4) with no Citrix Policies signed to DG and without MS policies and it is not working.

I performed another test with VDA 1903 and it worked great - without Citrix policies signed to DG.

What is the difference between 7.15CU4 and 1903 VDA's configurations? What do I need to do to have the WebCam working in VDA7.15CU4?

Both tests were being performed with site http://webcamtests.com and with the software WebcamViewer both are simple, just shows the webcam image.



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