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Windows 10 and Receiver 4.12, opening an RDP connection via XenApp 6.5 intermittently does not complete the connection


This is stumping me!

My customers recently received new Win10 laptops, they generally run them with the internal monitor and 2 externals, that are setup with identical resolution/color depth. prior to getting these new machines there were no reported connection issues.


Engineering users launch a business specific piece of software, then launch one or more RDP sessions as they monitor both the application for the end users as well as some of the servers used by the application. The initial program launches fine, but when they launch RDP and enter their credentials to the remote server, the RDP application appears to "lock up". They have two ways to fix this:


1. Disconnect and reconnect their session. Sometimes the RDP session spawns a new session but not always; I originally thought that this was the problem; that some change in the laptop caused the resolution or something else to change requiring a new session, but I see the problem popup for them in the same session as well. Once reconnected, the Windows Security screen for the RDP connection is shown and the user works fine from then on. RDP is published to the same servers that the application is published on so I always expect the user to be in the same session/server for this activity.


2. When the problem pops up, they "Open" receiver and enter something in the "enter email address or server name" field (we are WI/StoreFront/Netscaler only access) and the problem resolves. This is really really strange to me, especially since I have no experience working with that part of the client.


I've checked that its not something like the taskbar set to pop up and back as I've seen that cause problems with the Citrix app displays in the past. My next task is to have the users disable the laptop monitor and just use the externals; even if the resolution/color depth is identical maybe there is something in the way this laptop (Dell) graphic drivers work that cause this problem?


Anyone seen anything like this before?



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