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GSLB with admin partitions and IP requirements

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i have to configure GSLB for a customer for the first time, and i have few Queries about IP Requirements as well as configuring GSLB with Admin Partitions.

1- the ADNS Service IP address, this is the IP which responds back to DNS requests, if we are using External GSLB, then this IP Should be the Public IP which will respond to DNS? in case we are using it behind a firewall, then can we use this IP in the Same range of the VIP?

2- for GSLB Site IPs, we need to give private IP Addresses of the local Site, and then the Public IP on the Other Site? in case we are using partitions on the Master Site, how do MEP communicate between the Two Partitions?


I have attached the topology of customer requirement for a clear picture.




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