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Does Azure Application Proxy Connector work with Citrix Netscaler

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I have been struggling with this issue for about 1 month and neither Citrix Support nor Microsoft have been able to help me fix or guide me in the right direction. I have deployed the Azure AD Application Proxy Connector to one of our servers in our Internal network.  I have added a few web applications in Azure under Enterprise Applications -  On-Premise Applications.  The Application URL is setup under the internal URL and for the External i use Microsoft to Proxy. Below is an example. I have several we applications using the Azure Proxy that work properly with no issue. All our applications require LDAP authentication and work with no issue and can launch the application when logged in. The only app I am having an issue is with Citrix  XenAppPublished apps. 

How i usually access our internal apps, i got to https://myapps.mycrosoft.com  and once successfully authenticated i can see the web applications and can click on the app- Launch and can access the resources. These apps are not Natted behind our Firewall, hence why I use the Azure AD Application proxy to avoid Exposing our systems.  I can launch the Citrix app and log in successfully, the issues comes when i launch any app, Word, excel Notepad, Email, i Get the  error from Citrix " Unable to connect to the server. Contact your System Administrator with the Flowing Error: There is no Citrix SSL Server configured on the address" 


Any help would be greatly appreciated if this would work. I think i am very close to getting this to work and I ma under  a lot of pressure from my CIO since its been a month and i have not made much progress. Our End goal is to remote all NATS from Firewall and use the Azure Proxy to connect using the https://myapps.microsoft.com portal since all user is MFA is enabled.  

Please and thanks in advance for any tips or advice. 



Internal Url : https:// myremoteapps.domain.local 

External URL : https://myremoteapps-cdrewu.msappproxy.net/







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You need to configure storefront to use an access gateway that is externally facing.  The connection to the storefront server is separate from the connection to xenapp server. When you are clicking on an icon to launch an app, it is responding with an ICA file that points to an internal ip address of a xenapp server. The application proxy is out of the picture at this point. Your client receiver is opening the ica file and trying to establish the connection. I am trying to work out something similar as I would like to use Azure AD for auth but I am not looking forward to setting up FAS. 

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