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XenServer 5.6 License says Expires at Never

Frank Laudicina


So I have been planning a migration from an old Server running XenServer 5.6 for some time.  I am approximately 6 weeks away and had a license through 05/30/19 (unforeseen issues).  End of license is obviously 3 three weeks prior to my planned finish of migration.  So I reached out to Citrix for a solution and was given the following solution.


Citrix Agent:


You can also install a XenDesktop trial license to license XenServer 5.6.
You need to install the license server and then import the license on the license server and then license the XenServer 5.6 through XenCenter.

How to obtain an evaluation license through Previews/Betas via My Account: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX200018

License server version 11.0 download path: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eplmj4h9qy3t6zu/CTX_Licensing.11.10.msi?dl=0#


Importing the License to License Server: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX114695



I have done this and the License now says expires at Never.  However I keep receiving system alerts that the License expires soon.  When I click on these alerts it does say

License on Host ##### will expire at Never.  Has anyone ever seen this?   Can I trust that it will not expire on 05/30/19?  Also, should it expire, will the VMs just continue per

normal?  Host server has been up for over a year but it would be just my luck that something would happen in that 3 week period.  Any advice would be appreciated.










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There are other threads on the forums where people are going to try to move the clock up to see if the expiration holds true or not. 

I don't have a 5.6 version to test that with, I haven't used that version in five years.  If it does expire you won't be able to start VM's

if they are shutdown or restarted. Migration/Upgrading needs to be a priority. I guess you could just ask for another 30 day eval

if it does expire.




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