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XenServer 7.6 Unresponsive

Doug Brill


I have a XenServer 7.6 that has been running for about 30 days. Suddenly about 0:30 - 0:40 EST this morning the system was unresponsive. I tried to ping and got nothing. I went to the server rack and pulled up the screen and it was just black. I had no choice but to forcibly reboot. Where is the best place to start reading in the logs to figure out what happened?

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Go through everything in /var/log. Unfortunately sometimes a system can just crash. If it was a fresh install I would lean more toward hardware issues. 

If the 7.6 version was an upgrade it could be disk space or dom0 memory in addition to being a hardware issue.


Mysterious lockups/crashes are the worst, very hard at times to figure out why.




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