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Citrix ADM Disaster Recovery node - RemoteSystemBackupFailure - WAL file is out of sync with remote node

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Hi All,


We have 3 ADM instances - 2 in HA and a 3rd in DR. I am seeing the following Major alert in the Events of ADM:


RemoteSystemBackupFailure - WAL file is out of sync with remote node, lag(in MB) is XXX

(the XXX is a number that differs depending on how much the sync is out)


Initially this message occurred after a reboot of the DR node and was occurring every 5 minutes. I then rebuilt the DR node (after breaking the sync) and recreated DR sync and have only seen the error once, after a reboot of the DR node.


Is this message supposed to clear? The value of MB has not changed for days now and there is another "clear" message to say that "File Sync to Disaster Recovery Node success". So I think all is fine.


The original problems that required a rebuild probably happened because I hadn't configured the DR node to fully match the HA nodes before initiating sync, plus the nsroot password had been changed from the default. On my rebuild I reset the nsroot password to defaults, synced and then changed it again on the HA pair, and also DR (as the latter doesn't seem to sync?).


I'm hoping the change of nsroot password on DR isn't causing problems. It doesn't look to be, but if anyone can advise it would be appreciated. Not sure why the RemoteSystemBackupFailure event wouldn't be given a "clear" status if all was fine though?





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