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WorkspaceApp does not ask for Credentials on external Site

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Since i've updated Our Netscaler Gateway from 11.1 to 12.1 51.19 the workspace app does not ask for credentials any more. (We have enabaled MFA to Radius).

(On Mobile Devices or when accessing via WebBrowser everything is working)

Everything worked with Version 11.1 


In AuthManager Log i can see the following message:

"The password count reported by the gateway (1) and the specified auth type (DomainanRSA) are incompatible. "


I didn't change anything in the configuration just installed the update. 


Edit: It works if the account is newly added. It only doesn't work if you try to login to an existing account


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Meanwhile i found a solution for this problem:


Create 2 rewrite Policies and bind it to the vserver


Policy Rule: http.req.url.path.endswith("vpn/index.html")

Action: Operation: insert_after_all
              Value:"\r\n"+"<META http-equiv=\"X-Citrix-AM-GatewayAuthType\" content=\"SMS\">"
              Pattern: content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">



Policy Rule: Rule: HTTP.REQ.HEADER("Cookie").CONTAINS("pwcount").NOT

 Action Operation: insert_http_header


               Value: ("pwcount=" +1)



After that, receiver is now asking for credentials. 




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