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Xenserver in a Datacenter, vm no internet

Luigi Albanese


Hi All,


FIrst timer here, so be gentle...lol. Ok here is my story. I have installed many xenserver in a private location, meaning internal address, 192.168.x.x. And every time i created vm, they always got internet connection with out me doing any modifications. It used the existing NIC. Now i decided to give it a shot, install xenserver 7.6 at a datacenter. So i rented a dedicated server with 16 ip address.

xenserver host was successfully installed with a static ip address and has 1 NIC. Now come the part that i have breaking my head for 2 days now, i created a vm using centos 7.x, install went well. when i ping the gateway, = unreachable. eth0 = up and connected. I have tried manually entering an ip address from one of my blocks, entered gateway and still nothing.

My question is, when is this happening? Is datacenter different from office ambiance? Do i need to install a software router in xenserver for networking? What happened to click install bang you have internet. You help would be appreciated.

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Hi All,


Found something and was hoping to get some clarification and if this makes any sence for xenserver and vm.


xenserver - Configuring additional IPs [Linux]


Additional IPs are not provided with an additional gateway so customers using xenserver or other virtualization tools might be wondering how they can use the additional IPs to create new Guest OS or Virtual Machines. It can be done by configuring xenserver to bridge connection to eth0.

Here is the specific way to make it work


Configure your first additional IP as a secondary IP on eth0:0

IP configuration is done in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0:0

Enable IP forwarding to route VM traffic

IP forwarding can be enabled by adding net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1 to /etc/sysctl.conf

In xenserver make sure that your VM uses the bridge connection to eth0.

Configure your VM with one of your remaining 5 additional IPs.

The netmask is (If you have been provided with 6 IPs). You can calculate the netmask via a website.

Use XX.XX.XX.1 as the gateway


Example with actual IPs:

If you have been assigned the following additional IPs:


You would :

Configure the ip as a secondary IP on eth0:0

Enable IP forwarding to route VM traffic

Make sure that your VM uses the bridge connection to eth0

Configure your VM with one of the available IPs (.170, .171, .172, .173 or .174)

Use as the Netmask.

Use as gateway.

Your VM's network should now be properly configured!

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