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Azure Windows 10 Enterprise for Virtual Desktop ( Preview )




Has enybody installed Citrix VDA on Windows 10 for Virtual desktop in Azure? 


I have a dilema, need to run Ent version on Domain joined client and only version of ent in Azure Store is Win 10 for Virtual Desktop. 


But since it would be nice to test that please comment. The VDA desktop agent 7.15 thinks its a server : ( But i can go with newer client. 


We will run the client with Citrix Clous Apps and Desktops.

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You have to first join the VM to domain. In same domain you need to have a server with Citrix studio (probably Storefront, Citrix licensing server and SQL DB on same server to save cost). Once you install VDA agent, the wizard will ask for machine catalogue and delivery group.


Since you are just doing it for testing, putting in so much effort and money on Azure VM with Citrix Studio doesn’t seems to be justified (unless you would be doing that for your own production environment on Azure). You can search for hosting companies, signup for a cloud desktop, perform you tests and close the account once you done with testing. I know of one company for sure, it is Apps4Rent. They do provide domain joined Citrix based desktops with VDA agent 7.15.




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Forget 7.15 VDA when talking modern tech :-) there is a good guide here on preview capability - you just use a server catalog rather than a desktop for now 



If you have appropriate licencing you can bring your own image to Azure...

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