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Netscaler shows the tcp-status as down for http - storefront

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Are you using the same storefront monitor or two different instances? If two different instances, there may be a difference in the monitor settings from one to the other...

IF different, Are both storefront monitors on HTTPS and is the storefront monitor marked secure:ON?


If the monitor is the same, what are the differences in the storefront configs:

Is the second storefront actually added to the storefront server group and had a successful propagation so the expected store(s) are present, so the monitor finds the store it is looking for.


Is there a chance the cert isn't properly bound on one of the storefront servers.

Do you have the storefront monitor checking the account service only or the account service and backend services?  (backend services requires additional settings to be enabled and it may be fixed on one storefront and not the other.)


Finally, run a trace and see if there's something else going on between the NS and the bad storefront that is different than the good one.

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