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citrix server gone to unregistered due to 100% packet loss

Krishna Madani


Hi community,


good day.


I have a citrix sever created using MCS, 2008r2 and it is getting unregistered frequently due to the 100% packet loss. during this time it is trying to vmotion to another host of vsphere and getting stuck. we need to reboot the host to get it back to live. can you please help what could have caused the server to achieve 100% packet loss and getting unregistered?


much appreciate your help on this.



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  • check with the Network Team if they found any logs on Vlan during the packet loss.
  • Also once you can check the Testing VMKernel Network Connectivity with VMkping command between ESX hosts.
  • The vmkping command sources a ping from the local VMkernel port.
  • Connect to the ESX/ESXi host using an SSH session
  • run this command: vmkping “IP Address or hostname” that you want to ping.



Citrix Xendesktop VDI expert

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