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Why is Xenserver 7.1 LTSR in pools so fragile ?!!!

Marc Smid


Hi there,


We are using Xenserver since 6.xx. We never had any major issues with that version and 7.0.

However since we have been using 7.1LTSR with Dell R630 hosts, we have had nothing but problems when doing maintenance.

Pools just break all the time, resulting in me re-installing and re-updating/configuring XEN.

Why is this ?



When did XEN break:

Pool upgrades (hotfixes/cu's) in the correct supported way.

Bringing a pool of servers down, upgrading their ram and bringing it back online. So literally, they only went down...! (bringing slaves down, clean shutdown, lastly the pool master. Adn with enought time in between, brining it back online in reverse order).


What happens everytime:

Pool members lose their networking (yes i have tried all the workarounds to try and fix it, only worked once on 1 pool member).



So what is going on here ?! You can bet im frustrated, i have burned the midnight oil about 4 times in the last year.

Why is this system so fragile and unpredictable, for example: i upgrade a pool of hosts to 256Gb of ram in our first datacenter. Then i do the same to the hosts in our second datacenter and i lose 5 hosts !!! all of them have broken networking, resulting in a reinstall. Mind you, this was exactly peformed like in datacenter 1, all the circumstances were the same (hardware, software, working method etc)



fully upgraded firmwares: R630

Broadcom 57800 and 57810 10Gb Nic's in team


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I have a number of Dell server based pools running XS 7.1 LTSR and have no such issues. Are your BIOS settings all updated? Is NTP properly synchronized? What network switches are you using -- perhaps the issue lies there and not with the servers? Are you on the latest XS hotfixes? Do you have adequate dom0 resources allocated?



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Tobias and Alan, tnx for your input.

Plz be assured that all other circumstances are fine. I am running a lot of hosts and different hypervisors and versions.

I have Xen 7, 7,1 and esxi 6.xx (also on r630). On HP and Dell hardware.

When using the R630 and Xen 7.1 ltsr standalone (not in pools), i NEVER have any issues. To me it's clear that the pool mechanics are just too fragile.

Is there any change coming for the next ltsr, like for instance force old network config no matter if the pool master is found ?

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