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Citrix Director 7.15.4000 Build 398 display issue

Marc Smid


Hi there,

Has anyone upgraded to this LTSR version ?

As of this version i am experiencing a display issue.

When using the sessions or servers listings, the display is limited to about 21 lines (at 1440p display), then it scrolls within that list. Normally the list woudl fill to about the bottom of the page and woudl then scroll from there. So directr is not using huge amounts of page space. Not productive !

Notice: displaying 21 of 62 in bottom



Is this a known issue, or something i can fix my self or should i report it to Citrix ?


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Yes, this was working on a two-server setup with 7.15 LTSR CU3 on Server 2016 loadbalanced via Netscaler.


We did however have another issue on CU3 that sometimes the lines where empty and only the checkboxes on the left were visible. This was solved by pressing F5 to refresh the view. That issue seems to have disappeared in CU4.



Niklas Pålerstam

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