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Is SQL required on controllers when a separte SQL DB server is used?


I would like to find out if it will cause any issues if all SQL components are uninstalled from Citrix controllers (verion 7.15.3000.457) when we're using a separate SQL server.  During install, I selected the separate SQL server, but some SQL components were installed on both of my controllers.  My security department would like to uninstall them if they are not in use, but I wanted to check here before uninstalling.


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5 minutes ago, Carl Stalhood1709151912 said:

SQL LocalDB is used by Local Host Cache so don't remove that.

Thanks for the quick reply, Carl. 

I see only 2014 Express LocalDB on the second controller.  On the first controller installed in our environment, I see the LocalDB, but I also see all the other components in the attached screen shot. (I also see VSS Writer for SQL Server 2014 which is not in the attached screen shot.)  I'll leave the LocalDB on both controllers, but is it okay to remove the other components?


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Called Citrix Support, and was told since we use a standalone SQL server that I could uninstall ALL SQL components.  When I pointed out (thanks to Carl Stalhood) that the Express LocalDB was the local host cache, I was put on hold for some time.  When the tech came back on, she proceeded to explain local host cache in detail and then told me we could not uninstall any of the SQL components.  I explained that I was calling Citrix Support to get a 100% correct confirmation (not their best guess) and that since we'd done a 180 from uninstall it all to don't uninstall anything, I was going to need a more certain answer.  I talked with the supervisor who explained that the first controller installed will have the extra components which are used in the initial DB creation on the standalone SQL server.  He did not think they were used after initial site setup.  He then offered to uninstall the SQL components (excluding the LocalDB) in his test lab.  He delivered on that offer that same day and confirmed that uninstalling the other SQL Components caused no issues.  I will be uninstalling this coming weekend.

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