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XenMobile Database Issues and


We have 2 XM servers connected to a SQL DB. We have another XM server on a remote site connected to the same DB (I am not sure about this, but I am thinking it is the same). I updated the single server in remote site to 10.8 Patch 6 through Release Management. Once, server was rebooted, I got the following error as per this article.




We checked everything as per this document and it was fine. Next, we tried to restore the database unfortunately it would not allow to restore the DB since users are connected to it. Since, this could be using the same database as the production database. I have a thought, if when upgrading from 10.7 to 10.8 Patch 6 break it and screw up the DB, how is the other 2 servers are working fine and I can log onto it. If it is connecting to the same DB? Just a thought.


Now, if I am evening restoring the database, I am not really sure if it will work?

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7 hours ago, Chris Tyson1709156276 said:

To upgrade a cluster you need to upload the upgrade to each node, shut them all down, then bring them up one at a time and allow the upgrade to complete before bringing the next one up.







I feel I used the Rolling Patch 6 to 10.8 that could be the cause of it for not upgrading properly. I have now downloaded the correct file, but the issue is that we have to roll it back to  bring it up in the first place. 

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