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Netscaler change password ldap with NDS

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we use nds instead of ad for user authentication.

I've recently created an ldap server and a ldap policy and bound them to the gateway vserver. Ldap connection works (ldaps, 636) and it can retrieve the attributes. Netscaler checks the attribute pwdlastset per default and would (in case of a expired password) let users change their password. With Novell directory service there's no pwdlastset.

How can i force a password change for the user with NDS?


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Meanwhile, our Novell administrator has set an attribute, which is true if a user needs to change the password. I'm able to check this attribute with ldap server settings. I've created a responder policy which comes in to play when this attribute is true and the action leads to an internal page where users are able to change their password.

The Back SNIP to the desired destination has been opened for 443.

Users can now login, after that mtan page shows and then, if the attribute is true, users are sent to that internal page. But the internal page isn't reachable. It gives me an dns error, but a lookup on the Netscaler showed me it's resolvable. DNS server is configured.


What do I miss?

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