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XenDesktop 7.15 CU1 - Update to CU5


Hi All,


Looking at updating our 7.15 LTSR to the latest CU.  My one concern while looking at the documentation is the 'compatible' Citrix Receiver/Workspace versions (

4.9.7000 (LTSR) specifically.)  A lot of clients are on a flavor of Receiver 4.9, but not this latest version.  Would you have any concerns of them being able to launch applications if they are not on this latest version?  Normally in the past I have not really worried about this, but wanted to get some other opinions before I proceed with the updates.  We don't control the majority of these users machines/Receiver versions (clients that have their own IT.)



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Updated to CU5/newer Receiver version in question
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I have not started due to no feedback so far.  We are not having any issues on CU1 and it is still supported on the LTSR model so I have not been fast to jump.


I will most likely call Citrix support regarding this when I do have the time to do this.  


Let me know if you end up getting an answer/do this migration.  I'll do the same if I get further info.



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