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Internet Explorer published app launches 2 version of IE


We publish various internet explorer shortcuts pointing to different web pages in our organization. These are all pointed to the 32-bit version of IE in Program Files(x86). When these are launched 2 versions of IE start on the server. One is the 32-bit version and the other is the 64-bit version in Program Files. The issue is when internet explorer is closed by the end user the 64-bit IE still stays running in the background for about 30 seconds to a minute. During this time no other IE published app can be launched because we have it to limit to one instance per user. I am unable to find out what is causing the second IE to start. If I log onto the server and End Task for that user is immediately disconnects them from the server and then they can relaunch.



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I remember having seen this explained somewhere. The first instance without (32 bit) is the 64 bit main IE program  which manages all the other IE tabs. All additional IE tabs are 32-bit. When you create a new tab, you will see a new 32-bit IE instance launched. I'm not sure how to fix your problem, I just figured out that when our client using our Remote Executer program for URL redirection under RDS, there is a option to launch URL on the server if the URL is not in white list. When our program spawns the IE 64-bit on the server, there is problem time to time. When we set the 32-bit as the default, it runs fine (just in our use case). Hope that can provide you some information.




Thomas Tran




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