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MCSIO sizing and VMware read Cache

David Stimson


Hi, I'm intending on creating a new CVAD 1903 site shortly and wanted to know a little more about the best practice on the disk cache size. My plan is to give the servers 24gb of RAM with 2GB of that for RAM Cache (MCS). The servers will host users desktop sessions and all apps are installed locally on the server. The Hdd size will be 100gb with about 15gb free. I have heard various different ways of calculating the disk overflow cache size and would like to know what is best practice here. I have plenty of RAM available so could increase the RAM Cache if needed.


I would also like to ask if there are any known issues using MCSIO in combination with Vmware flash read cache. I'm assuming not as they work at different levels but it would be nice to hear from someone that has this in place and find out their experience   of running the two together.





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We are same as you (minus the Vmware flash read cache), we did 20GB RAM on the VM, 4GB RAM cache and default 150GB temp.  Way better than without MCSIO and finally (MCSIO) fast.  Just 2 weeks in but, less IO's on the shared storage (0 delta updates), logons faster, so far good job Citrix!  We still use slower Equallogic SAN shared storage too.  I'd imagine the VMware flash read cache should help you though, unless not supported.

Although, we are also testing on "VMware Cloud on AWS", they have SSD's, seems their latest SDDC updates VMware did in May 2019 breaks the MCS provisioning.  I have ticket open.  Might be NSX-T or other change or seems the cloudadmin account has less permissions or MCW is requiring more, so... MCSIO only on-prem today.  But once they fix, might try the VMware flash read cache there.

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