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Scale out File Server performance

Pierre Altmayer




when using a scale out file server (MS Cluster Scale-out FS), the elastic App Layers take a long time to be mounted.

the same layers but when using a traditional File Server works perfectly.


I've opened a Citrix Support Case but it was closed saying that the issue is only with scale out file server.

But int the Citrix Documentation, the only way to provide a high availability is to use a scale out file server.


does anyone got this issue ?



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Well Citrix wont be able to help with this one its the Windows client doing the mounting to a Microsoft server product.   What mode are you using for the file server is it "Scale out file server for application data"?  If not i would change to that mode as its meant for mounting large files.  Also you might want to test having more RAM on the server to see if caching matters.  If you mount a layer manually does it also take a long time?



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Hello, yes it is configured as Scale out file server for application data

when mounting manually, it takes 1 sec.

also every smb transfert are very good

the cluster node has really enough RAM and cpu


the Citrix Uniservice mounts the VHDX, and the log shows that it takes long time for each VHDX



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On 5/7/2019 at 11:43 AM, Pierre Altmayer said:

Yes, thanks. I will re-open the Citrix support case.




Did you get a resolution with this?


I thought I fixed mine, but it's back. Seems to be when I push over 100 VMs mounting layers, it comes back sporadically.


My servers aren't working hard at all. only 1.5GB used of 4GB RAM, less than 10% CPU, never see it peak above 500Mb/s on the NIC when I login to several machines at once mounting about 8 layers each. If I transfer a vhd from this share, it will hit 1400Mb/s. So not hitting a bottleneck there.




UPDATE: Disabling continuous availability fixed my layer mounting issues, even though having that on was the primary reason we made these servers...

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