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Retrieving StoreFront Log-in user name from within a Win10 Proprietary Credential Provider (via HdxCredentialSelectorCPPSDK?)

Danny Tabak

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As part of a new product we are planning to provide a Customized Credential Provider for W10 (CP v2).

This CP needs also to run in a Citrix NON-Persistent VDA – where our target is to be able to retrieve some of the StoreFront login Session (at least the StoreFront log-in user Name).


I’m following the "Credential Provider and the XenDesktop VDA" article at: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX214343


·         As a proof of concept  I have modified HdxCredentialSelectorCPPSDK to write some log (into c:\temp).

·         In addition to registering HdxCredentialSelectorCPPSDK.dll I have register an MSDN CP Sample SampleV2CredentialProvider.dll.

·         I’m using gpedit.msc to ensure that the user is seeing the Windows Login Screen with MSDN CP; modified following GP: Computer Configuration >Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remotes Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host >Security >Always prompt for password upon connection èSet to Enabled


So far the CP is indeed active in the VDA Login screen, but I didn’t see any log output made by the HdxCredentialSelectorCPPSDK.dll.

So I’m not sure whether the HdxCredentialSelectorCPPSDK.dll is being Called at all.


I wonder if in general, this is the way to retrieve a StoreFront Session Info – and if so what are my mistakes.




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