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I have 2 hosts in one pool, which has several private networks created in the pool master as a single server private network. Is there any possible way to migrate VMs from one host to another because i keep getting error about this issue "cannot see required network"? I was thinking to destroy the networks and create new ones as cross-server private network, but I'm afraid it will create more errors due to these private networks are currently in use.

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This might help in a pinch: https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2015/10/16/cross-pool-private-networks-with-xenserver-openstack-beyond/


As to your current setup, you'll likely have to destroy it and start over. That means there's probably not an easy way to keep them running unless you add the new network and do some fancy tricks to switch it over to the new network on the fly.


To create a cross-server private network using XenCenter:

1) In XenCenter, select the pool where you want to create the network in the Resources pane and click Add Network.

2) On the first page of the New Network wizard, select Cross-Server Private Network and click Next.

3) Enter a name and description for the new network, and click Next

4) Select the checkbox if you want to add any VMs automatically to this network, or if not, skip that step

5) Click Finish to complete the process


You may need to add and take away networks from existing VMs to switch over. Make sure whatever IP address used for the VMs can be supported by the new cross-server private network.



3.Enter a name and description for the new network, and click Next. 4.Do one or more of the following: To automatically add the new network to any new virtual machines created using the New VM wizard, select the check box. To use jumbo frames, set the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) to a value between 1500 to 9216. 5.Click Finish to create the new

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I've never used private networks, but I could see how a VM migration would fail if networks don't match across the hosts.

You would have to export/import the VM since your networks don't match. You probably can't destroy networks in use,

the VM's using those would need shut down, networks reconfigured, then VM's brought back online.





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If you use the migration wizard (or the command line) you can specify an alternative network for the transfer, and my guess is that there may be a limitation there.

A cross-server private network is a better alternative, as it is also secure, yet offers more flexibility and I think is necessary if you are trying to move a VM between two different hosts.



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Hey Alan and Tobias, thanks for the answers. So the networks that were specified in the first host also show up in the networking tab of the second host. But the issue is those networks are single server private network, which after I look through this network can't be used within a different host. But I gotta use those networks in my second host as well. Like for migrating VMs from the first host to another or creating new VMs on the second host (but still connected to the existing networks). So is there any possibilities to change network type from single server private network to cross server private network ? which I fear changing the network type could mess up my internal networking due to these private networks are currently in use. 

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