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Unidesk 2.10 with vsphere 6.7

Joey Carbone


I have seen some questions regarding unidesk 2.10 and vsphere 6.5 being supported but I have not yet seen anyone verify 6.7 with the 6.7 host upgrade works on unidesk 2.10. I know we will have to re-enable tls 1.0 for vsphere but what will we have to do on the hosts to get them to function?


Thank you

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I have not seen any reports of problems with the ESXi hosts after this upgrade. The main problem is the management appliance not being able to authenticate with vCenter to run API tasks because of the restricted TLS support. Once TLS 1.0 / 1.1 is re-enabled that should restore all management of the VM's. Have you seen any problems from the host side or are you just asking proactively?

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