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Target Device Driver (1903)

Enrico Rudolph




we upgrade the Provisioning Server to 1903. It run fine with the old Target Device Driver. 


We can upgrade this driver without any error. But then the system come only to the black screen, where i see the Target Device Driver Version, Server IP, Client IP and Vdisk Name. The hostname not show up. 


A complete reinstall of the driver do not help.  


Any idea why this happen?



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I found this, and try both msiexec orders. But both say that the komponent is not installed. 


Installing the VDA with MCS I/O on a provisioned virtual disk causes the target to stall when booting the VM to format the write cache disk. Upgrading the VDA to version 1903 automatically installs the new MCS I/O driver if it was not previously installed. As a result, target devices fail to boot in read only mode. Citrix recommends that you do not install updated MCS I/O functionality and Citrix Provisioning in the same Windows environment. [PVS-4217]

To uninstall the machine identity service agent for MCS, use the following command:


x64 MsiExec.exe /X{D945C515-56F6-49AB-A019-9423893E5021}


x86 MsiExec.exe /X{2DAFC714-A564-4ECD-9483-EC98EE082EC9}



Enrico Rudolph

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