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Drive mapping doesn't work when using published app, followed by opening desktop

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We are running Citrix 7.15 LTSR CU3 on a windows 2016 server. What I noticed is that sometimes, the users won't see the network drive that is mapped by Group policy.

After some investigation I managed to replicate the issue.


If a user opens a published application (for example word), and then opens the full desktop session, they won't see the shared network drive in that desktop session.

The only way to resolve this is by logging off the remote desktop session, closing the published application, and logging back on the remote desktop session.


I have had quite a few calls about this and i'm training them to only use either the published apps or the desktops, but the calls keep flowing in...


Any way to fix this issue? Or is this by design of citrix (it seems it doesn't apply the group policys when opening the published desktop, while having a published application already opened)

side note: opening a published application, and a published desktop, also creates 2 seperate user sessions on the server.



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Running multiple session such as published application and a published desktop which will impact to access of Network Mapped drive at same time.

Also having two session which will consider as stale session at citrix probably it will impact on session.

You can advise users to run only application published and see if they're able to see the Network Drive which are mapped.




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21 hours ago, James Kindon said:

pretty sure you cannot have two sessions connecting the same mapped drive under the same credential....i think you will be getting an error if you try to map it manually in the second session....


This is what I thought, but what I dont understand is:

If i use my local domain account, I can see the network drive, If I start citrix with my domain account, I also see this network drive.

This means I am using the same account in 2 different ways to access the network drive at the same time.


I don't understand why 2 citrix session can't access the same network drive at the same time...

Seems like it should work.

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